Audrey Menuet Classical ROBE

Audrey Menuet Classical ROBE

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A classical robe that you would like to go out to the forest concert was tailored. Completely calculated fine twill fabric of high quality tartan check, the design unique to Cache Cache Lapin. It is perfect for a special occasion on a special day. Attach a small horn charm to the velvet ribbon ... ♪   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Quality ] BODY:Cotton 100%、BELT:Organic Cotton 100% Made in JAPAN(Rie Matsumoto) I very carefully designed one by one, are tailoring. We promise to deliver the best quality items that you are satisfied. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ※日本語サイトと価格が異なる理由について 海外販売用の取扱説明書や手数料の関係につき 日本語オフィシャルオンラインストアと価格の差がございます。 日本国内のお客様は下記よりショッピングをお楽しみください。